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I selected Meister Logging from a list of recommended loggers. Based on feedback from others who’d logged, and my conversations with Mike, I felt comfortable with my choice. Because of those recommendations I was expecting a good job, and that is what we got. From the beginning to the completed harvest I’ve felt very good with our selection of Meister Logging. A father and son can make for a good team. Both men represent their name and business. I felt as though it was their goal to exceed my expectations. They answered my questions and kept me informed. I have and will recommend Meister Logging to anyone with logging needs. As long as I have a need for logging services, and the Meister’s are logging, they will be in my woods. If anyone wishes to contact me regarding Meister Logging, don’t hesitate.
— Alan Carter
Our forester recommend Meister Logging to us.We went and seen the job they were on and were impressed .

Every job Meister Logging has done have been a professional job.

We would recommend Meister Logging to anyone that wants a clean, timely, competitively priced logging job with prompt payment.

What impressed us most was there was no damage to non selected trees in select cuts.

We have had Miester Logging for 6 consecutive years with great results.We will have them do any future logging.
— Bill Heindl Plover River Farms
We chose Meister Logging for logging on my father’s farm because he was recommended by friends as being trust worthy and efficient. The hard working Meister team has exceeded our expectations in this area is every way. We appreciated them taking the time to explain the process, procedures of payments, explaining the contract, etc. They also had the time and patience to answer all our questions and concerns. I would not hesitate in the least in recommending them to anyone needing their services. In fact, my sons have already give their name to several coworkers!

What surprised me the most was the efficient teamwork and long hours they had to do to get the job done despite problems with weather, equipment maintenance, etc. Their patience is amazing! You can tell the passion and respect they have for the forest and land by the condition they leave it in when they finish the job.

I am a future owner of this land when my parents pass on and as far as I’m concerned they are the only logging team I would consider!
— Darlene A. Jacobson
We choose Meister because an adjacent land owner was having his land logged by Meister Logging, and that gave me an opportunity to witness their work and allowed me to communicate with Mike Meister.His work met my expectations. I would recommend Meister Logging because of their efficiency and reliability. It was surprising how fast the logging production was; ‘amazing’ with the modern and current equipment.
I am will use Meister Logging and have already made plans to do so because of their customer service
— Pat & Ted
My first experience with Meister Logging came about in 2007 when a tornado damaged a portion of my woodland. I worked with a Forester who solicited several quotes for me and we found that Mike was competitively priced with the other logging companies. I checked a few references, got favorable feedback and decided to use Mike. I was happy with Mike back then so I decided to use him again for a scheduled cut of my forest crop land in 2014 as well as the cutting of some woodland not under forest crop.

Mike exceeds my expectations! My in-laws had a bad experience with a logger used on the property I own today and my brothers have had limited success with loggers they used on their property over the years so I was skeptical at best to turn someone loose on my property. Mike is professional, honest, keeps you very informed, takes good care of your
property with focus on leaving it in better shape than when he started work on it, pays a fair price and pays quickly. Mike and his team are a pleasure to work with.

I was surprised with the quality and capabilities of all the equipment Mike uses in his operation. Mike has made a significant investment and as such has great pride in it and maintains it well.

I would definately use Meister Logging in the future. I am the type of person that does not give second chances, if someone screws up just once I’ll take my business elsewhere. Mike has twice in the past 8 years done an “excellent” job for me so I plan on using Meister Logging again for my next scheduled Forest crop cutting!
— Gene Pagel