Three Generations of Logging Mastery


The close knit father-son team of Mike and Michael Meister from Hatley, Wisconsin pride themselves on running an efficient logging business in the north central region of the state.  In Marathon County, an area comprised mostly of agricultural land, the Meister duo have refined their operation to make the most out of the smaller acreage harvests that they typically work.  They credit their close relationship, work ethic, and their loyalty to Ponsse equipment for the long standing success of the business.

Growing up in Crandon, Wisconsin, Mike’s father, Otto, was a logger of the old school, using a chainsaw and skidding with a horse.  Mike recalls, “My dad was a really hard worker.  People in my home town of Crandon talked about how hard my dad worked.”

Mike’s son Michael, age 20, joined his father by becoming a partner in the business shortly after high school.  For Michael it has been a very natural choice.  His earliest memories of his dad’s logging includes a time in grade school when he remembers his dad picking him up from school in his skidder.  “I’ll always remember that.  That was pretty awesome,” he recalls.  Michael spent time with his father in the woods through the years, occasionally riding in the cab with him.  “It was always enjoyable,” he remembers.  Michael’s career choice was cemented once he started working in the woods with the Ergo harvester.  “I enjoy it so much.  It’s great working with my dad.”

Away from the daily business, Michael enjoys racing radio controlled off road trucks with his father providing both a cheering section and technical support.  With five years of racing experience, Michael competes in 1/10 scale electric classes during the winter indoor season and 1/8 scale nitro classes in outdoor competitions during the warmer months.  The Meisters routinely race Wisconsin venues and are planning a return trip to California this summer for competition.  Michael likens RC racing to logging by observing, “Running smooth is important to getting a fast pace.”

Reprinted by permission of Timberline Magazine

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