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A big part of Mike’s reputation undoubtedly comes from his Wisconsin Master Logger certification.  For Mike and his clients, it proves he does good job.  The bar’s held just a little bit higher for master loggers.  Mike is one of just two loggers in Marathon County area with the distinctive certification.

Around 90% of what is harvested comes from lands in the Managed Forest Law program.  We average around 55 to 60 cords a day, with some days significantly higher.  From April through July we tend concentrate on pine harvests, adhering to oak wilt guidelines.  From mid-summer through April we harvest primarily hardwood, including maple, birch, oak and ash. 

Enroll into the Managed Forest Law (MFL) program

Enrollment into the Managed Forest Law (MFL) program is open to all private owners of forested land. To be eligible for the MFL program, a landowner must have a minimum of 10 acres of contiguous land and at least 80 percent of that land must be forested.

To apply for the MFL program, an application must be submitted with a management plan written by a certified plan writer. The management plan addresses items such as landowner objectives, timber management, wildlife management, and water quality. The deadline for submitting an application and required attachments is June 1 for entry effective the following January 1.